ACS President Steve Crane received his Law Enforcement and Security Administration degree from Northern Michigan University and began his career as an undercover investigator for a national retail chain. Over the next 18 years, Mr. Crane worked his way through the management ranks holding positions including Shopping Supervisor, Investigator/Analyst, District Loss Prevention Manager, Regional and Divisional Loss Prevention Director, and finally as a Corporate Loss Prevention Director. Mr. Crane started his career in Detroit, Michigan, and has worked throughout the Midwest. During this time, Mr. Crane had the opportunity to work with many different private investigators while conducting various retail investigations. Although talented in their own respects, Mr. Crane noticed that many of them were lacking in the areas of customer service and detailed retail knowledge. When Mr. Crane founded ACS in Detroit, Michigan, he used this experience to set the foundation for the company. ACS is a results-driven company where our staff possesses extensive knowledge in the areas in which they serve and take pride in providing superior customer service. All of the senior management at ACS’s Detroit, Michigan, office has loss prevention experience and are instrumental in training and developing the next generation of investigators. Most importantly, ACS of Detroit, Michigan, tailors each and every investigation to fit our client’s needs.

The following are some of the services that ACS provides:

By contracting ACS, the timed used for recruiting, training, and supervising the detectives can now be applied to other store operations. Some of the duties performed by store detectives as follows:

  • Discreetly detect theft and other suspicious activity involving customers, employees, and vendors
  • Approach and/or apprehend violators based on client’s procedures and desires
  • Complete investigative reports for all incidents
  • If the client desires to pursue criminal charges, work with local law enforcement to ensure proper documentation is filed
  • If needed, testify in any court proceedings stemming from prosecution

If you do not have a need for a full-time loss prevention service, or if it’s not in the budget, ACS can provide services on an “as needed” basis. ACS maintains a staff that can be mobilized to your location on short notice to deal with problems as they occur.

Some examples of how the ACS Response Team can help:

  • Expand coverage
  • Store detectives can be deployed when a spike in theft is noticed
  • Store detectives can be deployed during the time the client is hiring and training new hires
  • Increase results in troubled markets or stores
  • Integrity interviews for employees suspected of theft
  • Security/third party witness during hostile exit interviews and/ or terminations

Some examples of consultation packages:

Our loss prevention consulting professionals will develop a program that will fit your company’s culture and objectives. ACS uses a proactive approach that will increase profits and decrease losses. Our programs are tailored to your needs and can include associate training, awareness programs, honesty hot lines, store audits, employee interviews, and pre-employment background checks, to name a few. Our experience, training, and knowledge will help us develop a program that will create a loss prevention culture within your company that your employees will take pride and ownership in and become part of your loss prevention team.

During the mortgage crisis, ACS conducted thousands of mortgage investigations for some of the largest private mortgage insurance companies and some federal agencies, such as Freddie Mac. As the market begins to recover, we have found a need to assist title and real estate agencies navigate through the mess that was created over the past 15 years. This could be as simple as locating the seller of a property and have them sign a quit claim deed or to conduct complex mortgage fraud investigations.

Below are some of the areas that we can be of help.

  • Pre-lease tenant background checks
  • Activity face-to-face check
  • Payment inquiry
  • Property description verification
  • Buyer due diligence
  • Seller due diligence
  • Buyer fraud investigations
  • Seller fraud investigations
  • Locates and skip tracing
  • Obtain a quit claim deed
  • Background checks
  • Interviewing (written and/or recorded statements)
ACS has been successful with a wide range of cases, from identifying the associate that hits a no-sale key for a $2 candy bar to a negotiation sale of a $3,500 riding lawn mower for $50. ACS’s diversified shoppers range in age from 21 years old to 68 years old, and use covert video so the whole transaction is caught on videotape.
ACS investigators have been trained in the art of integrating seamlessly into the staff to verify employee compliance with the company’s policies and procedures, as well as filtering out dishonest ones. Many of ACS’s investigators began their careers as site-level undercover investigators and continue to train and mentor new employees.
Since 1995, ACS has made a name for itself as a leader in the art of surveillance. Whether it is investigating an insurance claim, a major shoplifting network, or investigating a specific associate or store location, ACS has the crew that can tackle any issue and bring you results. ACS also has state-of-the-art platform surveillance vehicles to blend into any environment and gather the information needed to bring closure to your shrinkage problems.
Investigators at ACS have been trained in the art of integrity interviewing. ACS investigators have combined to interview thousands of employees, many of which resulted in termination and/or prosecution.
ACS has conducted numerous investigations that have identified and recovered substantial amounts of unreported sales and royalty fees. In some cases, the fraud discovered was so extensive that the investigation led to the franchisee actually losing their franchise. Investigations typically involve integrity shopping to see if sales are being properly recorded into the register and/or surveillance to determine if the franchisee is conducting unauthorized sales or buying product from an outside source.
ACS can discreetly attach state-of-the-art global tracking devices to your company-owned or fleet vehicles and monitor vehicle position and movement. Software can also be provided to the client that allows authorized personnel to conduct monitoring activities.
ACS has direct access to state motor vehicle authorities and can provide quick up-to-date information on employee or potential employee driving histories.
ACS conducts background investigations that are tailored to each client’s needs. These investigations can be conducted at local, district, circuit, state, and federal levels.
Cargo theft costs U.S. companies millions each year. ACS works with clients to not only catch the theft during surveillance or a “sting,” but also to establish procedures and practices to prevent theft from occurring.



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