Criminal Defense

ACS Professional Investigations has a reputation of being quality-driven and results-oriented and can proudly say that our hard work has led to exonerations, resentencing, and new trials or hearings. If you have been arrested, are a suspect in an ongoing criminal investigation, or have been wrongfully charged or convicted with a crime in Detroit, Michigan, or the surrounding areas, then you need ACS to help protect your rights. We can work hand in hand with you or your attorney/defense team to help you uncover compelling new evidence regarding your case.

ACS Professional Investigations is available to:

  • Carefully review police reports, witness statements, photographs, etc., and identify inconsistencies which may have been overlooked
  • Conduct surveillance or record searches to collect evidence
  • Conduct thorough background investigations on witnesses to establish or undermine their credibility
  • Find leads for new evidence and people to interview
  • Locate and re-interview witnesses to see if their previous statements have changed or to verify that they did not have anything else that motivated their statements
  • Obtain notarized affidavits
  • Review cell phone location data, SMS text messages, and social media activity
  • Retrieve documents from the courts (e.g., prosecutor’s files, police files, homicide files, miscellaneous files, etc.)

Our goal is to work meticulously and comprehensively to balance the scales of justice to ensure that you are being treated fairly and justly once you become involved in the criminal justice system. ACS Professional Investigations has the experience, skills, and resources you need to gain critical information to prove the truth. Contact ACS today to speak with one of our investigators about your case.

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