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Manned Surveillance

ACS Professional Investigations is a Michigan-based company that has the capability to successfully conduct surveillance in both urban and rural settings. Each ACS investigator is equipped with covert camera equipment that allows the investigator to obtain video inside stores, businesses, or other locations visited by the surveillance subject.

ACS is staffed with investigators from a diverse group of cultural and professional backgrounds, which allows the investigators to easily "fit in" with any investigative environment. ACS also has a state-of-the-art surveillance platform that can be deployed in difficult surveillance situations where the extra edge is needed to obtain results.

Surveillance video is key when gathering evidence for a case. Prior to the start of each surveillance assignment, a desk investigation is conducted in an effort to locate any information that will assist in the surveillance. Multiple internet databases, social media sites, and other resources are researched at no additional charge to the client.

Stationary Technical Surveillance (i.e., Unmanned Surveillance)

In addition to traditional surveillance methods, ACS Professional Investigations often uses unmanned remote cameras in situations where traditional methods of surveillance may not be practical or cost-effective. For this type of surveillance, a video camera system is placed in a stationary vehicle or on a rock, stick, or other object and records activity in one specific direction.

Just a few of the unmanned surveillance scenarios include:

  1. Obtaining video of the subject performing lawn care, vehicle and/or home repairs, etc., without compromising an investigation.
  2. Documenting the subject (and other individuals with whom the subject lives with or spends time) arriving and departing from a residence or business.
  3. Child custody and neglect and/or other domestic investigations.
  4. Heavily wooded/rural or high risk areas where obtaining an inconspicuous surveillance position is difficult.

Although this type of surveillance can provide the greatest amount of intelligence with the least amount of effort, when the subject being recorded moves out of view or if they go mobile on foot or in a vehicle, your intelligence gathering stops.

Vehicle Tracking

In Michigan, it is legal for a professional investigator to use a GPS tracking device on most of the investigations we conduct, and we use vehicle tracking on a wide variety of cases. From corporate to domestic-type cases, vehicle tracking is a great tool to gather information about where your subject is going and how long they stay once they arrive.

Many parents have hired ACS to put a tracker device on their child’s car to monitor where their child is going and determine if they are obeying the law.

In Michigan, the installation or use of a tracking device by a professional investigator or an employee of a professional investigator lawfully performing his or her duties is allowed for the purpose of obtaining information with reference to any of the following:

  1. Securing evidence to be used before a court, board, officer, or investigating committee.
  2. Crimes or wrongs done, threatened, or suspected against the United States or a state or territory of the United States or any other person or legal entity.
  3. Locating an individual known to be a fugitive from justice.
  4. Locating lost or stolen property or other assets that have been awarded by the court.

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