Domestic Investigations

ACS Professional Investigations’ approach to domestic investigations in Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding areas has traditionally produced results where others have failed to do so. Our work product is designed to provide our clients with the information they need to make clear, effective decisions regarding their relationship. ACS specializes in child custody, adoption, and cheating spouse investigations throughout Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding areas.

Especially in these times and new era of online dating, you may find yourself in need of an online dating investigation or background check. You can never be too cautious, and it is recommended to do an online investigation to check out the person you’re considering meeting or dating. ACS has years of experience in online dating investigations in Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding areas and the Midwest. In fact, ACS’s Detroit, Michigan, based staff can do these types of investigations nationally.

Here at ACS, we believe in hiring a diverse group of private investigators to take on an assignment in any community. We are, by law, bound by the Michigan Professional Investigator Act to maintain our clients’ confidentiality and believe in an open line of communication. ACS’s Detroit, Michigan, based staff partners with our clients to ensure that each investigation is tailored to suit the needs of a specific issue. Vital information is shared, processed, and implemented into the investigative plan. This partnership plays an integral role in a successful outcome, which is “peace of mind” for our clients. Let us provide the crucial facts you need, so that you can make informed decisions concerning your relationship.

The following are some of our domestic investigative services:

  • Cheating Spouses or Significant Others
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody and Spouse Visitation
  • Child Neglect, Abuse, Endangerment
  • Child Support Cases
  • Premarital Investigations
  • Adoption
  • Internet Dating Investigations
  • Database Research
  • Background Checks
  • Asset Checks and Financial Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Non-Manned Surveillance Cameras
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Inheritance Disputes
  • Property Matters
  • Judgment Recovery

ACS is not limited to the services listed above. Many other services are available which are not listed. Please contact us for details.

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